Formerly Nollywood Freaks | Now YaHoods

YaHoods setting out to be the most coveted celebrity magazines. We attract men and women between the ages of 18 and 35 read this celebrity gossip and feel informed and connected with celebrities. We provide some of the best gossip in the industry. If you want the latest and greatest gossip before anyone else you should consider YaHoods.

What to Expect From YaHoods

Inside this publication, you’ll get to see what are the latest trends in fashion and the best music being released. Entertainment News is one of the other topics that receives a lot of attention from this magazine. The lifestyles of the rich and famous are depicted in sharp photographs with amazing detail of how the rich and famous live.

In the future, the magazine is expected to flourish. Why? Interest in Nigerian Media is growing. They are soliciting more advertising partners to gain more exposure for the magazine. As the interest in Nigerian News grows, the magazine will become more profitable. It’s inevitable.

The magazine is doing whatever it takes to gain more exposure. They gain more exposure by providing cash giveaways. Students love the Hoodies $1000 cash giveaways. It’s just another way they keep their customers loyal and gain more visibility for the magazine.

YaHoods is designed to be entertaining and informative. Not everything is sensational. Many of the articles are written to inform. It’s a great industry publication to add to your regular reading list.

Examples of Articles Written

Some of the latest articles have created quite a buzz in the Nigerian entertainment industry. Who can go a day without wondering what’s going on in the Knowles-Carter family? Blue Ivy’s third birthday sparked quite an interest in the viewing community. What was even more intriguing was the message Solange Knowles sent on Blue Ivy’s third birthday: “My twin, my fellow sassy pants, my dancing partner, my incredibly smart, beautiful, niece-y-poo, turns 3 today! I love her so much.”

Can you believe that Kim Kardashian had to walk through an international airport barefoot while Kanye West kept his shoes on? Well, neither can YaHoods. That’s why we report about it in our magazine to raise interest and help others know what’s going on in the world. She received a full pat down and even had to take her heels off to get through security. YaHoods report because they know you have an interest.

About Us: YaHoods was establish on June 2014 as  www.yahoods.com

Today we are www.yahoods.com
Welcome to YaHoods Experience!

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